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My name is Pamela Morgan, and I see food as I see flirtation: sexy, provocative, and a little mysterious. My desire is to teach you how to flirt your way into a full on passion for cooking and entertaining!

Being a working gal, I understand the limits we all face- small kitchens, long workdays, no energy. I’m here to change the way you see your kitchen: not as a foe, but as a creative place! I see the kitchen as a bonding space- sitting around a table creates a community. In a world filled with technology, I feel it’s so important to get off our phones and into the experience of slowing down and smelling the rosemary! In short, cooking matters.

I’ll help you see food as you’ve never seen it before by waking up your senses: food is sexy, ingredients are magical, and together they become sizzling and pleasurable!



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