I’m always delighted when people entertain in their homes, and I especially love theme parties. Last week, I attended a Moroccan-themed dinner party for my friend Nurit’s birthday. It was a testament to true sisterhood! Two of Nurit’s dear friends created a dinner in her honor and you could see and taste the love!

Our lovely hosts


The tables were decorated beautifully and the food was fantastic!  A fun and flavorful mezze plate, lamb and couscous, a classic chicken bisteeya, and chocolate mousse with strawberries for dessert.

All lined up and ready for dinner


Moroccan Mezze Plate: smoky eggplant dip, sweet and sour carrot salad, roasted beet salad, and green salad with feta


Chicken Bisteeya- A Classic Moroccan Dish

There were so many different flavors, plus a beautiful table decorated with stunning china in shades of red and gold, jewelry as napkin rings, and flowers which came straight from the Westchester garden of one of our hostesses.

The hosts and their beautiful table

My place at the table

My place setting

One of our Hostesses, Chantal, with flowers from her garden

One of our Hostesses, Chantal, with flowers from her garden

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