Hippocrates Health Institute


I love the life of a foodie… tastings, wonderful restaurants, traveling, new food adventures, parties and more parties. This summer was no exception with my trip to St. Tropez and all that rosé! My body, mind and spirit needed calm and peace.

I had heard of the Hippocrates Health Institute for years and wanted to try it even in the middle of the humid Florida summer off I flew to a world of new possibilities.

Hippocrates has a clientele from all over the world. People, who need a break, want to lose weight or have serious health challenges.

Organic veggies ready for stock

Food and Fitness

They have a special program for each of these issues. I was on the weight loss challenge and it really was not difficult.

I worked out everyday and even learned kickboxing, which is my new love! I ate the raw food diet for lunch and dinner. I did a juice fast for one and half days it’s all about GREEN and alkalizing the body.

Our Western diet is hard on our systems, we need more raw foods, meaning green vegetables loaded with enzymes to fight disease and to reset our metabolisms.

I was really not hungry. The food is so fresh and organic and Chef Ken is a genius with combining herbs and flavors into the meals. This is one of my favorite meals! The kelp noodles they are the best !!!! Here is the recipe which is easy and so flavorful !!! Try it out!

Kelp Noodle Salad with Thai Inspired Dressing

There are plenty of sprouts and yes there is wheatgrass twice a day. The program is well thought out… every detail. There are classes everyday teaching the basics of healthful living.

Wheatgrass for Miles!!!

There are doctors who analyze your blood tests and my only concern was cholesterol, which was a little high. I thought it was because of my family genes. When I got home, it had dropped 60 points. Now that’s astounding!!!

I recommend detoxing! For me, I had to leave my daily life to do it. You may be able to do it with a good online program. Either way, here’s to your health!! Cheers!