NYC really is one of the most diverse food capitals of the world. I love this city so much!

I’ve lived here for 30 something years now and I have hardly experienced Koreatown or K-Town for slang, except I do remember one really crazy Karaoke night a few years ago. But I’ve never been able to experience the street in the daytime.

K-Town lies on 32nd St. between 5th Av. & Broadway.

So when Seolbin Park from SB Groupe invited me for lunch on 32nd St, I jumped at the idea. I mean my life is about Flirting with Flavors and I love inspiring you with new cuisines.


As I walked the street, I was amazed by all the hip stores… makeup stores and so many fascinating restaurants, bakeries, and noodle shops. I wanted to try them all.

Korean cuisine is really hip now. You’ve heard of Kimchi and Bibimbap and our new favorite sauce is Gochujang.

Now you find all these ingredients at your local Whole Foods but Seolbin who works with Korean chefs and restaurateurs and is an amazing cook herself, wanted to show me a real Korean grocery.


So first we went to lunch at Miss Korea BBQ but we didn’t have BBQ. It was a gloomy day outside and I was hankering for chicken in a pot. So she ordered the Samgyetang a Korean chicken ginseng soup. It was delicious and now I want to make it at home and teach you how to make it.
pamela_sns_018 pamela_sns_019

So afterwards we went shopping at H-Mart and she gave me a special tour and explained so many ingredients that I didn’t know about.


Watch the video for yourself here!

I loved my afternoon in K-Town and will be returning again and again.

Hope you will too.