Winter is upon us, and what better idea than to get into the kitchen and start making homemade bone broth.  It’s not difficult.  I promise.

This is a quick and easy recipe that you can set and forget. This new trend of bone broth has renewed what I learned over 30 years ago in culinary school… something we used to call chicken stock.. In every culinary school, the first and most fundamental lesson you learn is how to make stock.

Eating chicken soup or bone broth is not a Jewish myth.  It really can make you look younger, protect your joints and add calcium to make stronger bones. And the culinary aspects of using chicken broth are endless.  You can use this bone broth in any soup or make a rich sauce with it.  I keep some frozen at all times!

I drink  a cup of this warming brew most every morning.  Check out the recipe below and video.

Make sure you tune in next week as we inspire you with an easy homemade soup using of course… your very own bone broth.
Here’s to your health!

Any questions?  Please make sure to ask and comment below.