I have to share the following with you. I was raised by a fierce feminist who when I was a child focused on me developing my leadership qualities, my voice, my stand but never anything that had to do with the kitchen. I was also the only woman in an all male dominated family so had no one to watch cook. Having said this I am learning much through your love of flavors, colors, fun and flirty ness. Thank you and look forward to more. — C

Pamela’s style is vivacious and high-spirited. She embraces the easygoing way people like to live their lives and entertain, and she helps them do it with flair.
— Donna Hanover, Broadcast Journalist

Flavors gets right down to the essence of what food is truly about and does so with rare gusto.
— John Mariani, Esquire Magazine

My friendship with Pamela Morgan began at a fabulous potluck dinner. And our shared joy in good food continues to bring us together for tasting dinners, a savory detour in Tuscany, lush summer buffets at the beach, and orgies of shared cooking in her giant open kitchen. All that passion and her gift for flavor are captured in this book.
— Gael Greene, New York Magazine

Pamela’s catering experience combined with her natural warmth and creativity truly comes to life in Flavors. She employs wonderful ingredients with a cosmopolitan yet homey flair in recipes that are concise and easy to follow. I can’t wait to be invited to dinner.
— Daniel Boulud, Chef, Daniel Restaurant

What better gift to the contemporary home cook than this colorful, lively book that exports her taste and sensibility to a national audience?
— Alfred Portale, Chef, Gotham Bar and Grill