I’m flirting with vegetarian flavors today!!

So many of us are reducing our meat consumption. I am listening to my girlfriends tell me that they are only eating meat a few times a month. Although I still indulge in a good steak from time to time, I am also formulating creative ways of making meals without meat. Especially in the hot weather,  I don’t feel like eating meat as often. So, I created this Portobello Summer Sandwich for all the satisfaction (even for the biggest carnivores in your life) without the meat!

I use portobello mushrooms often as a meat substitute. Not only do they have a thick, meaty consistency and deep flavor, but they are SO good for you! Mushrooms are immune boosters, and loaded with antioxidants. In fact, a 2009 study showed that breast cancer rates were 64% lower in women who ate mushrooms everyday! How’s that for some good news?!

So check out this video and watch me make my Summer Portobello Sandwich… then go flirt with vegetarian flavors in your own kitchen!!