Sometimes that Summer heat hits and nothing in this world could make me want to turn on my stove. Or oven. Or grill. Even a blowdryer! Yet, the most fun time to entertain is in the summer! What’s a girl to do?!

Luckily, I’ve got three perfect skewer-style appetizers that require almost zero labor. The most effort you’ll put in is a few turns of a mellon-baller. Think you can handle it? I do!


First up, a deliciously refreshing watermelon-mint-feta bite. What could be more Summer than that? The creamy, salty feta is perfect with juicy watermelon and bright mint. It’s heaven on a hot day. Just cube some feta, tear some mint, and ball some watermelon. Stick onto toothpicks and BAM, party’s ready! Just be sure to use thin toothpicks and cube your own feta so that the cheese doesn’t crumble.


Next up– the classic proscuitto con melone! I added little balls of mozzarella and basil for more flavor. Sweet, salty, fresh, and creamy– it’s the perfect bite.


Last but not least is the ultimate crowd pleaser— sopressata, olives, and gouda. It’s an antipasti platter on a stick! All in one mouthful, it’s a delicious combo. I happened to find BLACK TRUFFLE GOUDA on sale today so I used it. I may have died and gone to heaven.

What do you think? Do these simple bites inspire you to get back in the kitchen this Summer? You could have a cocktail party ready in under an hour if you served these three appetizers with a simple summer drink like white wine spritzers or rosé. Sounds like the perfect evening to me!



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