Pssst. Ever wonder why the best parties begin and end in the kitchen?
I know why!
I believe everyone can cook…Cooking, entertaining, and parties are an art, a form of self-expression. I want to inspire you to tap into cooking’s deeper potential ~ to create more pleasure, passion and sensuality in our lives. Let me share my secrets with you.


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Crostini with Herbed Ricotta and Candied Kumquats

Crostini with Herbed Ricotta and Candied Kumquats

Crostini originated when poor Italian peasants used bread to eat their food off of instead of plates, because they didn't have any! It was often stale and had to be soaked in a liquid to make it edible. Today, you can find crostini around the world, served as small...

Kumquat Bellini

Kumquat Bellini

Kumquats are a seasonal fall and winter fruit but many of us never use them in cooking! What do you do with them anyway?  I’ve developed these recipes that I know you’ll love. This grape-sized fruit is in the citrus family.  They have a hint of sweetness. You can eat...

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