We’re officially into the Summer Party Season! The chilly weather is almost gone and I’m hankering for grilled food and summer cocktails while watching the sunset. I must admit, however, that it can be overwhelming to be a host or hostess. Luckily, I have some tips to help ease your party pressures.

1. Guide Your Guests to the Right Gifts!

Any good party goer knows it’s best not to show up empty-handed.  This may not seem like a hosting tip, but after years of receiving many unwanted gifts, I’ve found it useful to tell my guests what I’d like them to bring instead of yet another scented candle! Aside from my allergy to perfumes, the only scents I want you to smell are from my kitchen! Instead of bringing me a rosemary candle, try a live rosemary plant. Or a fantastic dessert, so I can bake less and enjoy more!

Watch this video to see me sit down with my good friend, Countess Luann, as we discuss the best practices on what to bring to a party.


2. Thoughtful Tablescapes

In this video, we get some wonderful advice from an expert host, my friend Nurit Kahane-Haase. If you follow me on Instagram, you likely saw some pics from this year’s white party! She really knows how to kick off the party season.

It’s always great when you can re-use your table décor, like Nurit shows us in the video. And planning ahead is the real key to easygoing party planning!

Please excuse the sound quality on this video. It’s worth it for these tips!

3. Put it in a Pitcher!

Of course, any great party should have a variety of drinks to choose from, but when you’re thinking of what to serve for your signature cocktail, consider something you can make in batches. Here’s the video and recipe for my signature White Sangria, which is perfect in warmer temperatures!

Hopefully these tips will help you worry less and enjoy more! Here’s to many successful summer parties!