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It’s almost midway through August and I can barely believe it! This summer has been filled with so many wonderful events and it feels like it will never end! But, the fun isn’t over just yet.

If you recall, last year I went to the most opulent, delicious, and outstanding wedding I’ve ever attended in my life. The bridegroom, Kaily and Adam, plus their families, really know how to host an exquisite event. The party the night before included a lavish carnival theme, complete with a silent disco, a ferris wheel that rivaled the Santa Monica Pier, and a performance by Usher (!!), and the wedding included lush flower arrangements, custom cocktails, an over the top dinner and lots of dancing and so much more. Needless to say, when I received my invitation to Kaily’s sister- Tara’s baby shower while I was in Europe I was thrilled.

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But, I was missing one key piece- a hat!! The theme of the baby shower was an English Garden Theme which included a British Polo match.  I spent the few days I had stateside frantically searching everywhere I could for a hat, and ended up borrowing one from a friend. My friend that I attended the event with had a similar panic, and lo and behold when we arrived, there were hats galore.  Too funny!! Tara and her mother had thought of everything; there was a booth where guests could create gorgeous hats to wear during the soiree and to keep as a gift! Flowers, beads, feathers, jewelry and ribbon were plentiful! And you know how we girls love our bling!

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Upon arrival, guests were ushered to a beautifully set up photo shoot where we pretended we had just won a polo match; complete with hats and trophies! So much fun! Here we are with Kathy Hilton (middle), Paris Hilton’s mother. Aren’t we such lovely British dames?

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You’ll notice the flower arrangements at this party were just as stunning as the ones at the wedding and in fact, I would call them breathtaking! There were flower pieces and flower chandeliers as far as the eye could see! Florist Mark’s Garden was responsible for the phenomenal creations!

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Though the entrance was outside, the main event was held under a sprawling tent.

Now, as a chef, I am instantly attracted to the the food and cocktails.  The menus featured a huge variety Pimms Cup cocktails as well as beautiful salads and and of course, in English style, tea sandwiches and a scone station and a myriad of desserts.

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The cakes, made by Sweet E’s Erica Tucker, were so ornate and intricate in detail! They featured pictures of the Mom-to-be as a child, tiny babies sleeping, and flowers! I couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing and all with a British Accent.

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Keeping with the British tea theme, there were custom teacups made out of sugar by Marco Procaccianti! So decadent!

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So by now, you can probably guess what Tara is having; it’s a boy!!!! They did such an excellent job with a cohesive theme. The main theme was British Tea Party, so all of the food was small tea sandwiches and bites, featuring lots of delicate china, and mini tea cakes and treats, of course. Also, a live polo match went on while the guests noshed and cheered.

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As an entertainer and frequent hostess, I love to see a theme resonate throughout an entire event. Blue, for the baby, and tea, horses, hats, and British slang for the tea party. When you host an event, a great, solid theme can really add so much to your party! It can also help you decide on and narrow down food options, games, guest dress code, and music choices if the theme is well-thought out and narrow enough. Your guests will thank you, I promise.

This event was chalk full of little details and delightful surprises. There was a painter who created a beautiful scene of the party while it was happening, and guests were dancing around a Maypole! The British see the Maypole as a symbol of bringing community together- how fitting! Iris, Tara’s mother, gave a gorgeous tribute to her which featured her finding her rocking horse from her childhood and presenting it as a gift! So so sweet and touching!

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When I thought I couldn’t be more surprised, I ran into last year’s special performer, Usher! The family was so glad to have him back to celebrate their big day!

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As the British would say, this event was tickety-boo!!! That means everything went splendidly!!

Thank you again to the Smith family for including me in such a joyous day!