Wow! This summer flew by. As the fall approaches, I’m sitting at my desk in NYC remembering some of the events and parties that I attended.

It got me thinking, what makes an exceptional affair?

Recipe for Perfection

Well, it’s a combination of many things.  It’s quite extraordinary when all the elements of  an event or party come together to create a magical atmosphere.  This can happen in your own home or a spectacular venue.

A great example for me was an afternoon brunch given by my darling friend Jeanne Lawrence. The brunch was held at the Gargiulo Vineyards, in the Napa Valley, in celebration of Maria and Jan Shrem who were recently married.

The weather, atmosphere, and view were extraordinary. We felt as if we were transported to a farmhouse in Tuscany.

The farm to table cuisine was so simple and uncomplicated, but full of flavor:  tomatoes, fresh from the garden, guacamole made to order, baked wild salmon, tasty vegetable salads.

We enjoyed superior wines which came directly from the vineyard and complimented our meal perfectly.

The joviality of the guests from the Harvest Moon Ball the night before spilled over to brunch and completed a weekend of  celebration that will never be forgotten.
Here’s to a flirty Fall!!

Michael and I with Jeanne Lawrence and Lidia Bastianich