It’s getting to be that time of year! For that person in your life who loves all things cooking and food, I have a list of cookbooks that’ll get your friends and family excited this holiday season. I know it’s pretty easy to find recipes online, but there’s just something about a physical cookbook with all of the stories and beautiful photos that I can’t resist! Here are my top contenders.

1. “Nothing Fancy” – Alison Roman


It feels like everything Alison Roman does is a hit these days. I love her nonchalant style and ability to make an intimidating dish into a no-brainer. For the cook in your life who enjoys to indulge now and then, or the friend who always wants to impress a crowd with a dinner party, this is the perfect gift!

2. “Bobby at Home” – Bobby Flay


I can’t say enough nice things about Bobby. We had so much fun together when I appeared as a guest judge on “Beat Bobby Flay” and I can always trust him when it comes to new recipes!

In his most recent book, he shares what it’s like for him to cook at home through his approachable cooking style. You can always expect a ton of useful tips and tricks along the way. This book is chock full of amazing photos and packed with approachable classic recipes that’ll work for any occasion. This book will definitely be a hit for anyone with a big appetite!

3. “Whole in One: Complete, Healthy Meals in a Single Pot, Sheet Pan, or Skillet” – Ellie Krieger


Ellie Krieger, a well-respected nutritionist and dietitian, is also the host of “Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger” on the Food Network and has written several books on healthy eating. Ellie’s newest book focuses on the one-pot trend with easy and nutritious recipes that’ll leave you feeling good. It’s the ultimate gift for anyone with those January resolutions 😊. Ellie is a friend and a fellow Les Dames D’Escoffier member. I’m so proud of her!

4. “Cravings: Hungry for More” – Chrissy Teigen


It’s hard not to love Chrissy Teigen! If you loved her first cookbook, you’ll want to grab yourself or your loved ones a copy of this new edition. This book will challenge your taste buds and bring you a little out of your comfort zone in the best way! It has recipes for quick snacks and meals and recipes that are just healthy enough. If you’re looking to be a little more adventurous with your cooking this year, I recommend giving this one a try!

5. “Sababa” – Adeena Sussman


Adeena Sussman — an Israeli cookbook author, food writer, recipe and product developer —  is most well know for co-authoring the New York Times #1 best-selling “Cravings” by Chrissy Teigen. Sussman is also the author of Tahini and the co-author of a grocery list of other books.

In her newest cookbook “Sababa,” Sussman dives deep into the amazing world of Israeli cuisine. These recipes are simple and packed with all of the bold spices you could want. This book is for you if you can’t put down the hummus!

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. I know you’ll make the cook in your life  or yourself very happy! If you have any other reading suggestions I’d love to hear.

And don’t forget about having a cooking party at my beautiful home kitchen next year!  Just get together a group of 6 friends or colleagues, and we will plan a customized menu for you. There is nothing more fun  than learning new recipes, especially with me as your instructor!  We’ll have a blast! You can learn to cook just about any cuisine.  Just email me and I will make it happen for you and your group.

XOXOXO  and Happy Cooking!!!