Jaw-dropping scenery, brilliantly simple cuisine, and luxury shopping make Capri a sought-after destination in Southern Italy. There’s a reason why so many celebrities park their yachts on this breathtaking island! You’ll spend your days wandering through the gorgeous cobblestone streets, eating spectacular seafood and fresh pasta. The views alone are enough to convince you to quit your life and move to this beautiful Italian paradise. Having been to Capri about ten times in my life, I’ve come up with a list of seven insider tips for navigating Capri like a pro.

Yes. This is a real lemon!

View from above at the Hotel Cesar Augustus

1. Bring Comfortable Shoes

Before you pack your favorite heels and booties for a trip to Capri, you might want to think twice. The cobblestone streets are incredibly charming, but a pain to walk on with anything but sneakers, sensible wedges, and sandals. Pack your most comfortable shoes and thank me later! Or else you might end the night walking barefoot with a pair of broken heels in your hands. You can also take a taxi to most places around the island.

The taxis in Capri were the same color as my dress!

2. Make Reservations a Month in Advance

If you’re the type of traveler who loves to be spontaneous and last minute, I would seriously consider planning out your meals in advance for a trip to Capri. Restaurants in Capri can fill up quickly. Spend an hour or two making your restaurant bucket list and see if you can make all of your lunch and dinner reservations a month ahead of time. Remember, on the island everyone eats lunch around 2pm and dinner around 9 or 10pm. I promise it’s worth the extra effort!

Cheers! Drinking my favorite sangria at La Scalinatella.

3. Shop to Support the Local Economy

Explore all of the local shops, bars, and restaurants to support the local economy. You’ll feel good knowing you did your part to keep this important Island thriving. I highly recommend getting a pair of handmade sandals in Capri. You’ll find these shops all over the island. You’ll be able to fully customize the sandals any way you want.

One of the custom sandal shops!

These handmade sandals make an excellent souvenir. You’ll also want to check out all of the Jewelry stores around Capri. Italian jewelers are phenomenal at their craft. From simple bracelets to statement pieces, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for at these family-owned jewelry stores!

4.  Pack Light

It can be tempting to pack your whole wardrobe for a trip to Italy, but trust me, you’ll want to save room in your suitcase. The shopping in Capri is unreal. They have an amazing combination of local mom-and-pop shops and designer stores. Bring your essentials and let Capri inspire the rest of your wardrobe!

5. Take Advantage of the VAT Tax

The VAT tax (value added tax) applies to most goods and services in Italy. If you bring your passport into the shops in Capri, they will fill out a VAT form for you. You can bring that form with you to the airport and they’ll stamp it and give you cash or credit back in return. The more money you spend, the more you’ll get back. If you plan on doing some shopping in Capri, it’s very worth it to fill out these forms ahead of time.

6. Take the SNAV

For a seamless trip from Naples to Capri, try the SNAV (Società Navigazione Alta Velocità). This Italian company offers ferry services from Naples to Capri and Sorrento. They offer daily trips all year round. The SNAV is a clean, safe, and quick way to travel! It’ll usually take about 45 minutes to an hour to get to Capri.  I recommend buying your tickets in advance if you can!

7. Eat pasta and Seafood Every Day

Seafood pasta at Da Giorgio

Capri has a reputation for its amazing produce and local seafood. The ingredients are incredibly light and vibrant. I swear, I ate pasta and gelato pretty much every day and I didn’t gain any weight!! That’s the beauty of eating such high quality ingredients.

One of my favorite restaurants in Capri is Da Paolino for the atmosphere, authentic food, and incredible dessert buffet.

The lemon tree at Da Paolino.

While every restaurant has their own version of vongole veraci (sweet Italian clams), Il Riccio has the very best. Ristorante da Georgio has an amazing seafood pasta and Aurora has the best thin crust pizza.

Linguini vongole veraci

Grilled langoustine

My absolute favorite restaurant in the area is Lo Scoglio delle Sirene. You have to take a boat from Capri to get there, but it’s so worth the trip.  All of their vegetables just melt right in your mouth. They grow everything right in their own garden. My go-to dish at Lo Scoglio is the Spaghetti alla Nerano (zucchini pasta). I could eat a bowl of vegetables from this restaurant every day and be happy!

Spaghetti alla Nerano at Lo Scoglio

Amazing plate of cooked vegetables at Lo Scoglio.

Eggplant Polpette at Lo Scoglio

These are the two sisters of Lo Scoglio

After a trip to Capri, I promise you’ll have an entirely new appreciation for the quality of your ingredients, the beauty of the sea, and the kindness of the Italians. Have you been to Capri? Let me know your thoughts below!