Everything about Capri is sensuality magnified. From its clear, turquoise waters to its winding streets filled with bougainvillea, to the warmth of the Caprese people, to the fresh, simple tastes of the Italian cuisine. What an enchanting island and the perfect way to end such a dream trip.

We’d been to the Amalfi coast before, but staying overnight in Capri was an entirely new experience. I can now understand the magic of this little island.

We stayed at the charming Scalinatella Hotel, which has the same owners as the larger Quisisana, but with more of a boutique vibe. We immediately ran into someone from New York as soon as we checked in and he advised us to have lunch by the pool. It was a flawless meal and probably the best lunch we had on the Island. We had a spaghetti alle vongole, which we’ve had countless times before in the US, but it just doesn’t compare to having it in its native land. I’ll share the recipe with you soon when I re-create it at home, because they were kind enough to give me the recipe! 

Our room was delightful, with a great view of the sea. I can’t even find the words to explain the radiance of the sun setting over the island while the birds are singing and the moon is rising in the background. It is a lovers paradise. There’s nothing about it that’s not perfection.

Lo Scoglio was our favorite restaurant on the coast. I suggest that you go by boat and maybe even jump in for a quick swim on the way.

We got to meet the family that owns this charming restaurant. Antonia is the daughter and she is so proud of their new and improved kitchen. She and her father showed us around all while she translated for him. There’s a family farm providing all of their produce and meat. And, of course, their fish comes from local waters and absolutely everything is homemade. It’s such a traditional family-run restaurant. After lunch we saw nonna (grandma) in the back…scrutinizing the bills. 

We enjoyed a simple arugula salad with tomatoes that were sugary sweet, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil from their own olive trees.

Michael had more tomatoes, sliced and served with the freshest mozzarella and basil.

After the tomatoes we had a cooked dish comprised of six different vegetables from their farm, which was an entire meal in itself but we had just enough room for pasta. I had the special house pasta with zucchini and Michael had spaghetti with seafood. As we dined, we could hear the sweet sounds of children splashing in the crystal waters below us. 

For dinner, we went to the celeb hangout Villa Verde and had brick oven pizza. 

Three days in Capri was just too short. But, we loved it enough that we’ve already booked our vacation for next year!

*The original blog was called Flavors in Love. All material has been transferred and some has been edited for easier reading, and archiving.