I had the great privilege this Monday, to attend the LIFE Camp, Inc. event at the BeauMarchais restaurant in East Hampton, hosted by Deepak Chopra and Russell Simmons.Me with Deepak Chopra


LIFE (Love Ignites Freedom through Education) Camp is a nonprofit organization formed in Queens, New York, designed to improve the academic and social behaviors of at-risk youth.

I have traveled to India twice with Deepak Chopra, yet I had forgotten what an extraordinary being of light he is. He spoke for only 20 minutes, but his powerful message of creating happiness within ourselves shifted the energy in the room almost instantaneously.

Deepak explained that the number one way that we humans gain happiness is by doing something for someone else.  It’s such a simple concept and yet one that we forget as we go about our busy everyday lives.

Thank you Deepak, for your deep wisdom. You must be a very happy person indeed; for your whole life is dedicated to doing for others!

Russell and Deepak prepare for the event

Moroccan Oil, Hamptons Magazine, and Ciroc Vodka sponsored the event and raised much needed donations. In January, LIFE Camp will mark the 4th annual NY Peace Week organized in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy of nonviolence. To get involved click HERE