As most of you know, I’m a sucker for a good food festival. I mean, who isn’t really? Endless opportunities to eat and drink, plus a plethora of foodies and talented individuals to meet!! For the last 15 years or so, Michael and I have made a point to attend the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. Sun, sand, and food? Yes, please. Recently, the crowds at South Beach have become a little overwhelming, and we found we’d end up missing out on some events just because of the sheer masses of people. Last July, my sister called me up, raving about the Charleston Wine + Food Festival that she was now a “friend” of. Happily looking for the change of pace, we planned to visit my sister and attend the festival.

Pamela Morgan and sister






Two birds with one stone! Much to our delight we found that Charleston was exactly what we needed. Southern food with a side of charm, served up with a nice, easy-going pace. A lovely change from the bustle of NYC. Charleston Wine + Food

The highlight of our trip was this event called Pole to Plate. Michael, if you remember from my honeymoon post, loves a good fishing excursion.

Me, on the boat!

Me, on the boat!

On a cold Thursday morning, well colder than I would have liked, 16 of us piled onto a boat to begin our mission: catch dinner. Accompanied by Chef Nico Romo,  the chef for the fish dinner, and John Ash, JBFA award winner and highly accomplished chef, we fished and fished for about four hours total. When all hope seemed lost of catching anything that we didn’t have to throw back, Michael caught this lovely striped number!

I loved Chef Nico's hat!

I loved Chef Nico’s hat!

Michael's catch of the day

Michael’s catch of the day

While on the boat, we also had the opportunity to watch some of the fishermen jump deck to shuck freshly-caught oysters! So fun! shucking

The best part, though? Having the chefs present Michael with his (now cooked) catch of the day, a sheepshead, at the dinner! John Ash and Nico Romo

In Charleston, let me tell you, people LOVE their brunch. We had the chance to attend two absolutely wonderful brunch events. Obstinate DaughterThe first was hosted by the Obstinate Daughter, headed up by chef Jacques Larson, with champagne provided by Charles de Cazanove.

stuffed clams

Delicious stuffed clams!

With dishes like stuffed clams and roasted carrot salad we were happily full until dinner!Chef Jacques Larson of Obstinate Daughter


breakfast pastries

the vast array of pastries!

Our second brunch was a gospel brunch (click link for video) where we were surrounded by colorful hats and biscuits that were to die for! brunch hats


Other highlights of the trip included touring a pizza shop where we watched a talented young lady slinging pizza dough [click link for video] (and obviously had a taste or two for ourselves) and learning how to pickle green tomatoes! pickled green tomatoes

Thank you Charleston!

Michael and I had a wonderful time in Charleston. The people are so hospitable, the slow pace comes through in the care they put into their food, and the scenery is breathtaking. I highly recommend a visit, whether it’s just to the festival, or for a vacation!

Stay tuned for an upcoming video with master sommelier Laura Maniec from Corkbuzz, who was the master sommelier at the festival’s fish dinner!