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So I’m sure you’re curious… have I cheated??? Have I visited my boyfriends, Louis, Christian, Oscar and Roberto and let them lure me into shopping heaven? It’s been 22 days of my shopping detox… Cure for Couture.

I am proud to say that I have not relented! It feels good. I feel free and have been having fun shopping in my own closet.

Do I feel tempted… absolutely…

Like the other day, when I was packing for a trip and I wanted to replace my old and ragged LV cross body bag w a new one… A used one was only $316 on Ebay, but I didn’t buy it!!!! I’m proud of my progress and was talking about it with my dear friend and stylist yesterday.

Lori and Pamela

I want to introduce you to Lori Sutherland.. or as we fondly call her, Dame Lori. She gave a workshop at my apartment several months ago and my closet and I have not been the same since. I wanted you all to have the pleasure of hearing Lori’s voice.

Dame lori

So here goes straight from Dame Lori’s voice….

I am so inspired by Pamela’s transparency in her 90 day Stop Shopping vow!

Our addiction to shopping is such a dirty secret and we are constantly rewarded to stay silent. Especially in NYC. Upper East Side. Cocktail parties. Fundraisers. The pressure to look perfect. Through seductive friends, sales, offers and fast fashion fixes, we feel compelled to buy more and/or get it cheap. The retailing empires prey upon our dependency to the big shame: WE ARE NOT ENOUGH and WE NEED MORE. This brainwashing diminishes our confidence and creativity no matter what we borrow, buy and wear.

As a Soul Stylist and Fashion Activist, I am always looking for revolutionary ways to free myself from conditioned perceptions about beauty and personal style. Abstaining from compulsive shopping has been an extraordinary way for me to stop squandering my time and money and invest in more sacred resources within myself (and closet) that awaken and enlighten me everyday.

What courage it takes to press pause, sit, soak and saturate in our deeper desires to uncover true inner divine beauty!  By honoring this abstinence we can birth a brand new sensual sustenance that allows us to exquisitely adore and adorn our bodies in unimaginable new blessed ways. Sort of like slowing sinking a spoon into the hot molten liquid core of a chocolate soufflé; a true Flirting with Flavors image!

And isn’t that a journey worth taking for 2016?

Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your truth to deepen your pocketbook (Birkin bag or not!) with abundant love and acceptance of who you really are underneath your collection of couture!


Update: Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege to assist Pamela in styling her upcoming 7 day England trip where we frolicked through lace, suede, leather, mink and satin on her bed while charting her style through London town to country estates; a 7 star course of heavenly delicacies. As we were enjoying our digestif, we discussed the cocktail party she was attending shortly when it happened. A 911 “I Am Not Enough/I Don’t Have Enough” Emergency. While wearing an impeccable outfit, we shifted her deep to find the most important accessory necessary (yes, more important than a Chanel crossbody) which is eternally free. We started chanting “I Am The Most Beautiful Woman in This Room and I Own It”. (Insert image of strutting the runway hall is important here.) What emerged in that essential 60 seconds was a sensual radiance of her inner beauty; the priceless gift that goes everywhere and opens doors to adventures beyond our wildest dreams.  Bon Voyage, Pamela! I can’t wait to see what this accessory will bring you.

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Photographer Elizabeth Stilwell