Since this has been my year of exploration, I thought I’d go back to Art Basel after taking a few years off. It’s gotten bigger and better (and wilder, and crazier) since the last time I visited. It’s all about the art, but it’s also about the scene. The international crowd it draws is quite eclectic! Plus, the mix of art, fashion, and food always means huge (and crazy) parties.


Art Basel is the premier global art show; it takes place annually in Basel (between Germany, Switzerland, and France), Miami, and Hong Kong. This contemporary art mecca attracts tens of thousands of artists, art connoisseurs, art buyers, and art lovers (like me!). What makes it extraordinary is the sheer scope of the event. Each year, Miami is transformed into a cultural epicenter. Tens of thousands of people pour into the city for the occasion. The crowd is very international, very eclectic, and very creative. It’s an exciting place to be!

My week started off with a private party at the Bass Museum honoring the International architect extraordinaire Peter Marino. He was there dressed in his signature getup!



Hanging Raindrops. So cool! Each drop is held up by fishing line.

The next day we went off to an exhibit at the Convention Center where we saw some really interesting pieces. I just thought I’d share with you some of the art I saw, but remember this is a very small sampling of the art Art Basel showcases. There were so many art shows that it’s impossible to see and do it all.




Nope, not a nap area in the gallery, it's an installation. What do you think it means?

Nope, not a nap area in the gallery, it’s an installation. This is art?

Risque! Not real people, just sculptures? Fooled ya, didn't it?

Risque! Not real people, just sculptures. Fooled ya, didn’t it?

Francis Mallmann, an Argentinian superstar chef, put on a delicious Argentine barbecue lunch one afternoon. I actually did an article on him back in the day for Hamptons Cottages and Gardens Magazine. We ate at the Faena, an apartment complex and art center still in the making. Miami is becoming more and more of a cultural destination! The lunch included plenty of grilled meat and my favorite condiment – chimichurri.

Now THAT'S a barbecue

Now THAT’S a barbecue

A fun Argentinian lunch. Plenty of grilled meat and chimichurri.

They didn’t burn any art at Art Basel, but it’s still an experiential place just like Burning Man is. I highly suggest you make a trip out to see it for yourself if you’re able to someday!

Sun, Sand, and Sea. Missing Miami in this cold NYC weather!

Sun, Sand, and Sea. Missing Miami in this cold NYC weather!