pamela morgan

Summer is the perfect time to travel. The weather is beautiful, everything seems to slow down for a few months, and quite frankly, it is just too damn hot to sit around and bake on my 5th Avenue terrace all summer! I’ve taken some of my best trips during summer months, including excursions to Barcelonaand Burning Man. Hot off of my charity chair from the Waxman Center, a taping on a future Bobby Flay show, and working all of my cooking classes, I deserved a vacation! This year, my husband Michael and I headed to Expo Milano not only because we adore Italy, but also because the Expo is focusing on the future of food.


While NYC has been battling a heat wave, I’ve been checking out the hottest food trends at Expo Milano! Expo Milano runs for 6 months in Italy, and this year’s theme is Energy for Life, which focuses on food solutions from sustainable farming to battling obesity.



Designed by internationally-renowned architects, Expo Milano includes a garden with more than 12,000 trees and a canal! The coolest part is that the building were made consciously to be energy-efficient and sustainable, so they can be removed and reused after the event concludes! Talk about sustainable. Much better than what happens to old Olympic stadiums that sit and rust for years.
 Countries can choose to represent their produce and cuisines, or, if they are smaller, can choose to represent themselves in in what the Expo calls “clusters”, such as rice, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, fruits, and spices!
After Expo Milano, I jetted over to St. Tropez in the South of France known for it’s panoramic views and coastal authenticity. There, I’ve been sampling to die for seafood, visiting the citadel, and, of course, lounging on the beach!
How are you summering? Where is your favorite place to travel? Let me know in the comments below! Bon Voyage!!