South Beach, Baby!

Every October I excitedly wait for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival to be announced, and as soon as it is I buy my tickets for the events. I know that many of them will sell out in just a few hours!

The last week in February when it’s icy cold and soo gloomy in NYC, I take a respite and enjoy a few glorious days of eating and drinking in Miami…

The Wine & Food Festival is a 4-day extravaganza, with events every day and night hosted by all of your favorite celebrity chefs….

Rachel Ray’s Burger Bash is the first event that takes place on Thursday night. Rachel is the emcee of the event and announces the winner. Twenty-six of the world’s best chefs, grilling burgers under a tent, with thousands of hungry people anxious to be fed, and great music to go along with all of this. It’s so much fun waiting to hear which Chef won for the best burger! In order to survive the night I have developed this system…I only take a couple of small bites of each burger so that I don’t fill up too quickly….


My Favorites this year…..

* The Umami  Burger from LA which is rated one of the best burgers in America.

* Bobby Flay’s  Napa Valley Burger Crunchified.  I love how he puts potato chips on his burgers, mmmmm…

* Ingrid Hoffman Simply Delicioso.. A Burger with Latin flavors…including chorizo inside and hot sauce.

* And the winner of this year’s Burger Bash for an unprecedented second year in a row….. Micheal Symon’s Yo! Burger with fried salami, provolone, shasha sauce, and pickled onions. Whew!! That was a mouthful!!

Foodie Friends

I got to spend some time with my Chef buddies at the festival as well..

The BubbleQ event, hosted by Chef Bobby Flay, was Friday night.  Again so many chefs grilling and lots of great BBQ.  Even though there was dessert, we sashayed over to the next event, Let Them Eat Cake, which was hosted by Martha Stewart.

There were cakes and cupcakes galore, and acrobats pouring champagne hanging from the ceiling.

More and More…

What a delicious weekend!!! I was so full I wanted to fast for a month!!

But, alas there is no rest for the weary. Last weekend I had to get my hunger on again as I attended the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California.  All I can say is Wow!!  I spent two days eating and drinking the newest and latest in natural and organic food products. It was exciting , stimulating and inspiring.

I noticed a few trends;  coconut….in everything; coconut water, coconut ice cream,  coconut milk and shredded coconut. Probiotics in everything too….and so much chocolate!… in every flavor with every ingredient under the sun. Our ideas and products are getting more inventive and so much healthier!

Even my 25 year old niece is involved with a healthy juice company in LA called  Pressed Juicery.  They have a detox and fasting program much like Blue Print Cleanse, and I was able to taste many of their juices too.  My favorites were pineapple, pear, mint ginger and almond milk with dates and vanilla.

Such great trips to Miami and California….You know me, always Flirting with Flavors…..

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