Every year, my good friend Nurit Kahane plans a white-themed party in celebration of both Memorial Day and Shabbat. Among friends, Nurit is known for her impeccable style with entertaining. When it comes to setting a table, Nurit is my guru. Her floral centerpieces are like none I’ve ever seen before. I’m so happy to have such a creative visionary as a friend— I’m constantly calling her for advice!


I thought it would be a great idea to show everyone how Nurit goes about her table settings, because they’re often less complicated than they look. I’ve learned some great tips from Nurit— the most important of which is planning ahead. Can you believe she starts thinking about her tables A MONTH in advance?!

Nurit’s other bits of wisdom include:

1. Repurposing things you buy for the table. Here, her flowers can be repotted outdoors. Think about ways to get additional uses out of vases, table runners, and more.

2. Don’t splurge on everything! Use your nice flatware or china but mix it up and make it new with cheaper purchases from places like Pier 1. The combination of high and low always looks fresh and updated.

3. Don’t get overwhelmed by ideas! Pick a simple theme (i.e. white) and let that inform the table arrangement. Always work down from your theme.


Do you want to entertain like Nurit does? Don’t we all!  Tips like these are helpful, but knowing how to conceptualize a spectacular table is a BIG topic. That’s why I asked Polly Onet, NYC’s premier party planner, to join me for a “Setting the Scene” teleseminar on June 18th.

This is just one part of my “Joy of Entertaining” Series.I’m going to be breaking down the lost art of entertaining into four seminars where I’ll teach you how to become a party goddess. You’ll not only leave these seminars with the proper tools —menus, recipes, prep lists, grocery lists, and more— but you’ll also gain a confidence you never knew you could have. Let me show you how sexy being a talented hostess can feel!

 1)     Dinner Party 101 (6/4, 12pm EST)

        a.    Choosing a dinner theme and format

        b.    Writing a balanced menu

        c.    Executing your menu

        d.    Timing recipes

        e.    Beverage selection

        f.    Learn to have fun at your own dinner!    


2)     Cocktail Party 101 (6/11, 12pm EST)

        a.     Making and preparing a well-rounded selection of hors d’oeuvres

        b.     Preparing and organizing your bar 

        c.    Creating signature cocktails

        c.     Take home menus and recipes!


3)    Setting up the Scene (6/18, 12pm EST)

        a.     How to set a gorgeous table with premier NYC party planner Polly Onet!

        b.     How to arrange your home for optimum entertaining

        c.     Take away guides


4)    Hostess and Guest etiquette (7/16, 12pm EST)

        a.     How to be a gracious host OR guest

        b.     Hospitality 101

        c.     Take home rulebook

 The package includes 20 minutes of one-on-one party coaching with Pamela. For just $97, you get all four paid sessions (priced at $47 each), in addition to private coaching!

Once you register, an email will be sent to you with a link to join. *If you are unable to attend live, a free recording will be available afterwards.