Did you read my last blog post about my trip to the Galapagos Islands??

Galapagos Adventures Continue

After our cruise, we stayed in the Galapagos to do some scuba diving. I am a certified diver (I bet you didn’t know that about me!) but I haven’t gone diving in over a year. I was actually very nervous about diving in the Galapagos because the waters are cold and the currents are strong.

Our first day out we went to an Island called Gordon’s Rock, known for hammerhead sharks and other rare sea life. We had to wear 7 millimeter wet suits which are the thickest available. But we are troopers and once in the water our clumsy suits were soon forgotten.

Many Fish in The Sea

My husband, his daughter, her son, and I were on the boat by 8:30 AM with five other divers and two dive masters. I was not anxious at all (YIKES)! We plunged into the deep blue waters and were surrounded by schools of colorful fish and then a huge sea turtle who swam with us to keep us company.


All of a sudden dive master Paolo signaled to us….the sharks had arrived!

Hammerhead Sharks at Gordon's Rock

Hammerhead Sharks at Gordon’s Rock

We saw white tipped and black tipped sharks, the most incredible black and white eagle ray, more schools of fish, and a sea lion who stopped by to play with us.

Towards the end of the dive, at about 30 feet deep, a school of hammerheads swam by, and then a sea of the most beautiful silver fish as we were ascending. It was just like a Jacques Cousteau movie!

Silver Fish

This was the reason I learned how to dive. This is as good as it gets.


The next day I decided to rest at our beautiful hotel, The Finch Bay Eco, while Michael went diving again with his daughter and grandson. A girl’s got to have some quiet time, right?

Finch Bay Eco Hotel, Galapagos

Finch Bay Eco Hotel, Galapagos

After a little yoga in the morning, I asked to meet the Chef. I had a mission; I wanted to learn how to make Ecuadorian Ceviche. The real deal. Ceviche is one of their specialties and the fish is so fresh. To my delight, the Chef agreed to a private lesson. He was incredibly talented and of course I videotaped his instruction so I could share it with you too!

Me and Chef

Gift of Ceviche

Authentic Ecuadorian Ceviche, straight from the Galapagos:


Click HERE for a step by step video. If you make this delicioso ceviche at home, take a picture (or video) and send it to me!

Buen Provecho!

pam with ceviche

I’ll be making my take on this delectable ceviche at my next cooking party and I’ll be sure to share some photos and the recipe with you.

As always, don’t forget that if you have a special event coming up- a birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal shower- whatever it is, my Cooking Parties add some spice to your celebrations. Call or email me for details!