I live to entertain – especially during the holidays. That’s why I felt so odd not entertaining guests this year! I knew I had to do something special in January to make up for it. Plus, who couldn’t use a party to get them through the dead of winter? What better way to celebrate dreaded January than with a fun winter white party?! I decided to go all out and invite twenty people — I even had to set two tables to fit everyone.

As far as décor goes, I usually use the same sources. I’m lucky to live in NYC where we have such fabulous shops. One of my favorites is Jamali in the flower district! Another fabulous shop is one I’ll tell you about in  a video next week! If you live elsewhere, have no fear—you can get incredible supplies at any craft store.


I was able to find white winter branches, which were perfect for the occasion. I created a silver-white theme with a while tablecloth, crystal glasses, silver flatware, and white plates with silver rims.  The only thing I didn’t stick to the color theme on was the food. I thought about different fish dishes with cauliflower and potatoes, but in the end, I decided white food seemed a little lackluster. Instead, I create a hearty winter menu with roasted vegetables, rosemary crusted rack of lamb, and of course a chocolate-y dessert!


The night reminded me of why I love to entertain—I got to visit and catch up with old friends in the comfort of my own home, all the while feeding my beloved friends a dinner I prepared myself. The satisfaction and confidence that comes from it is like no other! It may have been frigid outside, but inside my winter white party, it was warm with laughter and love.


Flirting with Flavors is inspired by that love. I do what I do so that I can share that feeling with those around me – the unique spark and confidence that entertaining ignites. I would love to know if any of you are planning parties this winter! Please tell me all about them in the comments—let’s start bringing back the art of entertaining!