Overcoming Fear

I learned some very good lessons about conquering fear a few weeks ago.

It all started when my new husband and I were planning our Honeymoon and decided on a great compromise. First we would go to St. Barts for a week. Romantic, relaxing, sensual and warm. What could be better? And then (here comes my end of the compromise), for Honeymoon Part 2, we would take a fishing trip in British Columbia, off the coast of Vancouver, for a week of cold, possibly rainy and not so relaxing early morning fishing.

My husband, Michael is an avid fisherman. Fishing trips are part of his childhood memories. He has been to Alaska 3 times fishing for wild salmon. He’s a Hunter/Gatherer and loves being out on the water.

Fishing Virgin

I grew up in Texas and I had never been fishing. I’m a little bit afraid of being on a boat with the waves crashing around me. I’m afraid of getting sea sick and I get very anxious when I can’t see the shore.

I was pushing myself to the limit when I agreed to this adventure. But what’s life if you don’t push yourself?

I wanted to experience the excitement of reeling in a big fish, and also I had never seen that part of the continent…The Charlotte Islands in British Columbia. Plus, of course I wanted to bring home fresh wild fish and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Michael did an incredible job choosing a great spot for my first fishing adventure; Langara Fishing Lodge.


The Langara View

Lodge Living

It took a big effort just to get there. A 6 hour plane ride to Vancouver, an overnight stay, then an early morning 2 hour private flight to a small town called Masset where we switched to a helicopter and finished our journey with a 20 minute ride to Langara Island. Whew!!!

It was cold and rainy when we landed on the island. We were whisked up to the Lodge via an outdoor elevator with the most spectacular views.

The Langara Lodge was toasty warm with a crackling fire and the nicest staff greeting us and taking care of our every need.  We had a lovely buffet lunch after which we were given our fishing gear and introduced to our guide, Chrissy.

We took our first foray out on the water. We caught nothing that first afternoon and although a little disappointed, we made up for it by eating the most scrumptious 4 course dinner that evening. Prepared by Chefs Dominick Sylvain and Marc-Andre Dubois, the meal was exceptional, as was the wine.

Langara’a Menu

Lamb Entree

Into the Waters

The following morning, we were up at 5 and out on the water by 6 AM. We were determined to catch fish! I put on my iPod and did a little dance of attraction…and low and behold, our first bite (our guide, Chrissy, called me the fish whisperer)!

Look at what I caught: a 33 pound Chinook!!

I was so proud! Chrissy and Michael helped me reel it in which was tough work! Michael caught a big Chinook too, and then we fished for halibut. Each of us caught a 12-pound halibut and some Coho salmon plus some rock fish and Lingcod.

The best part was I didn’t get seasick (I used some of those wrist bands they sell in drug stores which seemed to work). We had a terrific time together and I really did get over my fear of the open sea. We saw hump back whales feeding, which was magical, and bald eagles and a sea lion who ate my catch one day. It was all exhilarating and somewhat exhausting.

Rest and Reflection

Langara Lodge really surpassed all our expectations. I would recommend to anyone who loves to fish and also loves to dine. Just be prepared for some cold, rainy weather.. that’s just how it is in that neck of the woods!

Now that we are home with 100 pounds of wild fish,  I have to cook it all! Tune in next week as I create and cook some awesome fish recipes.

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