I know we could all use a little bit of good news right now, so I wanted to share something very exciting with all of you! I finally launched my new website, PamelaMorganLifestyle.com. Not only did my website get a sleek new look, but my whole brand got a facelift!

For the last two years, I’ve been working on this project to expand my personal brand. It’s been a labor of love for me. Pamela Morgan Lifestyle isn’t just about the food, travel and recipes anymore. It’s about everything from lifestyle advice to hosting tips to party planning ideas to updates on my life as a cabaret star! I wanted this new brand to encompass everything that’s important to me.

I’ll also be selling food and lifestyle products that are staples in my household, as well as my Flavors cookbook in paperback form. This new site is much easier to navigate and you’ll be able to seamlessly search for your favorite recipes or ingredients. I hope you’ll all visit my new site to check out my latest dinner party tips, recipes ideas, travel adventures (fingers crossed🤞), and life updates. I’m so excited to have a fresh new look and I know you’ll love it too!

Right now, cooking at home is more important than ever. You’ll love learning new techniques and different ways to make your food beautiful and delicious.

I also wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow, at 3 pm EST, I’ll be doing an IG Live Mother’s Day Cooking Demo with chef Francois Payard and Iron Palate Karine Bakhoum. I’ll be making a Beet Salad with Candied Pecans and Crumbled Goat Cheese, Karine will be making a Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Olives and Confit Lemons, and Francois will be making a Floating Island with Rose Water and Raspberries.


  1. Follow @francoispayard on Instagram
  2. Tomorrow at 3 PM EST go to @francoispayard Instagram page and click on his IG LIVE story.
  3. Do not go to @pamflavors, we will not be on my page since I am his guest.

We will all be cooking together and answering any questions that you might have along the way. I hope you’ll join us tomorrow as our tribute to mothers everywhere. Happy early Mother’s Day to all of you. And now that I’m a Glam ma, Mother’s Day has even more meaning! 🌸🌷💕