Dear Anguilla, I’m sorry for forgetting how much I love you! We used to go every year until we discovered St. Barts 16 years ago. It was time to go back for a (post-holiday) holiday. I’m so glad we decided to revisit the island—it was an amazing trip.


A Heavenly Stay

We stayed at the newly renovated Malliouhana Hotel and Resort. It had been bought by new owners.  We were curious as we had not been there in 16 years.

We landed on the island ready for an adventure. Upon walking into the beautiful hotel lobby, we were greeted by a woman named Jasmine who had worked there for 25 years—she even remembered me and Michael! We couldn’t believe it! That was a good start!


The first night there I was eager to try the food at Malliouhana’s restaurant. Jeremy Bearman, who was the executive chef at Rouge Tomate in NYC is now the chef.  Like many of the chefs on the island, he moved to Anguilla from a big metropolis w his family to start a new life.  I honored Jeremy at a charity event that I did a few years ago; and I remembered what an amazing talent he was.  The same is now true at Malliouhana.

Celebrity Sightings

That night,  we ran into none other than Liam Neeson in the dining room! Oh, not to mention Paul McCartney! The food was fantastic and so were the cocktails!

Passion Fruit Martini

Passion Fruit Martini- Malliouhana


Lobsters Grilling at Scilly Cay

Owner of Scilly Cay

Owner of Scilly Cay

Scilly Cay

The next day we went to visit Scilly Cay, a small island just a 5-minute boat ride away. We had been dreaming about Scilly Cay for so many years because it is just about as close to paradise as you can get… a perfect setting.. turquiose blue water.. the smell of lobsters.. sipping on rum punch.. the warm sun beating down.  A husband and wife team, who own the island, Eudoxie and Sandra along with their two sons, were beachside grilling Caribbean lobsters and BBQ chicken for lunch and serving (very potent!) rum punches all day long.

They are known for creating a secret curry sauce for their lobster.  I remember once trying to recreate it with Bobby Flay on one of his shows! Luckily this time around, I got the ingredients list from the owner, so I’ll be able to test it at home. The main ingredients are: peanuts, curry powder, honey, mustard, tarragon, olive oil, and orange marmalade. I’ll have to play around to get the proportions right!  And when I do, I will share the recipe with you.

Lobsters w Curry Glaze- Scilly Cay

A New Year to Remember

That night was New Year’s Eve;  we stayed at the Malliouhana and had another wonderful dinner with Chef Jeremy Bearman’s festive food.

Chef Jeremy Bearman-

Chef Jeremy Bearman

My favorite dish was the risotto with shaved white truffles.  Even better than the food was the company—Paul McCartney and his entire family plus Dustan Hoffman were there! We finished out the night with dancing and fireworks. It was the perfect way to ring in the New Year.


We had so many more wonderful meals in Anguilla. So many couples move there from the North and stay to open very successful restaurants– it seems to be a theme!

We also ate in Veya one night.  I was so impressed with their food and service. They moved to Anguilla from Pennsylvania and have a first class restaurant.  Loved my meal there!


Chef Carrie Bogar and partner/husband, Jerry Bogar of Veya

Our last night there we ate at Blanchard’s.  Blanchard’s has been on the island for over 20 years and again is owned by a husband and wife duo who uprooted their life in New England to start a new adventure in the Caribbean. It’s the same theme we encountered over and over.  They tell their story in a wonderful book called A Trip to the Beach.  Their restaurant is one of the most successful ones in Anguilla! The tuna tartare, crayfish, and coconut-chocolate dessert made me think I’d died and gone to heaven.


Asian Tuna Tartare


Grilled Crayfish


Coconut and Chocolate Dessert

Have you been to Anguilla? What are your favorite things to do on the island!? Let me know in the comments—I might have to make Anguilla a yearly trip!