With the holidays coming up, it goes without saying that we’ll be opening a LOT of wine. That’s why I asked my friend and wine expert Jacques Azoulay show us the proper way to uncork any bottle. Watch how smoothly he gets the job done– that’s a skill every great entertainer should have!

How many of you own one of those fancy wine opening contraptions? I’ll admit, I used to have one! The truth is, opening a bottle of wine shouldn’t require any special utensils– just your basic corkscrew. Once you’ve got the proper technique down, you’ll be able to open wine bottles with your eyes closed.

First, use the sharp end of the corkscrew to cut the bottle’s foil right under the lip of the opening. Remove the foil from the top, then gently twist the corkscrew into the center of the cork. Let the corkscrew do the work for you! Once the corkscrew is nearly all the way into the bottle, tip the handle into the rim of the opening so that the protrusion catches on the opening’s edge. Using that as leverage, pull out the cork. How simple is that?

Cheers, everyone!