Our technology has become a staple in the kitchen- almost more so than knives!

Technology has become a staple in the kitchen- almost more so than knives!

3 Useful Apps for Every Home Cook

I haven’t always been the most tech savvy in the kitchen; relying on cookbooks stained with old attempts at recipes, or a notecard from my files. These days, my phone comes with me everywhere, so why not bring it into the kitchen?

Let’s face it: smartphones make everyone’s lives easier. They entertain us with games, help us find places, and even aid home cooks in preparing meals everyday for their family.

The advancements of technology made it possible for apps to flourish. Developers are now focused on creating more smartphone apps since people regularly use their smartphones more than desktop PCs. Gaming site Pocket Fruity’s operator Alchemy Bet cited a study that found millions of people in North America and the UK treating their smartgadgets as primary sources of entertainment. With a market that big, it’s no wonder that hundreds of apps come out for people’s use on a regular basis.

Here are three great picks for the best apps for cooking, regardless of your expertise in the kitchen.

1. Cookpad Recipes (Android and iOS for Free)

Cookpad Recipes is like the Facebook of cooking apps. Apart from having regular content updates, home cooks can find recipes that were uploaded by the millions of people who use the app. In Cookpad Recipes, users can find thousands of cooking instructions for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Searching the app is made easy since users can filter results. For example, if you’re looking for an Italian dish that is alright for vegans to eat, all you have to do is search through filtered results. Cookpad Recipes is also great to use when doing your food shopping since it has a built-in grocery list function.

2. How to Cook Everything (iOS, $9.99)

How to Cook Everything has been a staple app for home cooks for many years. It has over 2,000 recipes and cooking techniques that everyone can learn from. Like Cookpad Recipes, it has a search filter function for easier browsing. How to Cook Everything has a built-in ingredient measurement conversion and timer for when you’re baking.

3. Riverford Veg Recipes (IOS, free)

Whoever said that those who only eat vegetables are missing out obviously doesn’t know the existence of the Riverford Veg Recipes app. This app is an amazing tool for vegans, having over 800 recipes and a slot machine recipe generator. Apart from the recipes, the app teaches users the proper preparation of ingredients before cooking.


Do you use kitchen apps to help you cook? If so, tells us your favorites in the comments below!!