My trip to South America only lasted two weeks, but somehow we saw and experienced so much I can’t stop talking to you about it!!

After hiking in Machu Picchu, it was nice to arrive in Lima for some elegant dining….and cocktails!
Everywhere we dined in Peru, and in Equador as well, they served cocktails made with Pisco.  Pisco is a sweet grape brandy produced locally in Peru and Chile.


Many varieties of Pisco

Almost every night on this trip I had a Pisco Sour… a sweet combination of Pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, ice, egg white, and bitters. Maybe that’s why I put on a few pounds!! It’s such a refreshing drink and it goes down very easily.. so be careful!

I only had one day to eat in Lima so I wanted to make the most of it. It is one of the hottest food destinations in the world!

We had lunch at Cala, recommended by our friend, Gael Greene. The surfers and the view of the ocean reminded me of Southern California. The seafood was so fresh…..


cala 2

cala 3

And then we took a brief tour of Old Lima. We had cocktails with one of the biggest Pisco distributors in Peru, Guillermo Ferreyros. He created the Pisco 100 brand sold in the USA.   He gave us a great Pisco education and recommended a restaurant for dinner! I can’t wait for the next Flirting With Flavors cooking party… I will definitely be mixing drinks with Pisco.

 We arrived at Raphael for dinner at 8 pm and we were among the first there. We didn’t realize people eat so late in Peru! By the time we left, the restaurant was jammed, and there were people waiting to be seated at the bar.
Guillermo definitely steered us in the right direction. Raphael has a young, handsome namesake Chef, Raphael Osterling, and fantastic food!


 raphael 2

I only got a tease of Peruvian cooking but I’m hooked!! There are so many parts of the world that I have yet to see.. but I do hope that someday I make it  back here to Peru again…..

What an adventure this trip has been. I conquered fears, I spent quality time with my husband and family, I learned about new cultures and cuisines… who could ask for anything more!