More than Just a Market

I get nostalgic when I make the trip down to Union Square Market. I used to live just a few blocks away and could meander through it on my walks home to 18th street. Flavors Catering and Carry-out was just a few blocks away! The market was incredible back then, but today it has become so much more than it used to be.

Not only do hundreds of farmers gather to show off their gorgeous produce, but local cheesemakers, fishers, bakers, and craftspeople have also joined in on the fun. The best and worst part of every visit is simply the number of places to choose from; be sure to come with a full wallet!

If you live in New York, you’ve surely been the Union Square Market at one time or another. Whether it’s during the holidays to sip hot chocolate or during the Summer to scope out the season’s best produce, it is on every New Yorker’s radar.

Market Tour

I wanted to take you all on a quick tour of the market today so we could get the low-down on buying the best produce possible. It can be intimidating with so many options. Really, you can’t go wrong when you’re buying what’s in season around you— everything is bound to be fresher and more flavorful than your commercial supermarket, where produce takes so much longer getting to the shelves. However, when you are spending the extra time and money to buy seasonally and locally, you deserve to get what is best!

What we learned is that the best wisdom comes straight from the people who grow your food. Don’t be shy, ask away! Thank you so much so Chef Andrew Corrigan from Cookshop, Nevia from BodhiTree Farm, and to all the kind and passionate purveyors who come to the Union Square Greenmarket every week.

Cheers to you!