Don’t you love it when you meet someone randomly in your life and they become a friend of great importance???

Two years ago when I was at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego drinking wheat grass 4 times a day and eating rabbit food, I met another co conspirator from NYC, Robin Zachary. We had time to get to know each other as there is no Internet allowed and no TV at OHI so there was lots of juicy conversation.

I discovered she was a prop stylist and she discovered my food blog This was a recipe for great friendship!

Just this year, she emailed asking me to meet at her studio and she would give me a lesson on prop styling. She loves our blog but she wanted our photos to be better.

I am always up for learning!!!

So away my assistant Edouard Massih and I went to her studio in Chelsea. Oh man, did we learn a lot!!!

When we walked in, it was like being in prop heaven as she has been collecting props for 25 years!

Everything is color coded and displayed on different shelves; and she knows exactly where everything is plates, ceramics, flatware, glassware, wooden boards, backdrops, plus all different sorts antiques and from all different eras.


She began by asking us about our business and what we are trying to convey on our blogs, and then we got started with photos. We brought one soup, butternut squash and a drink, a pomegranate cocktail for our photo shoot.

Here are 5 tips to make your food photos into #foodporn:

  1. Only use natural lighting!! NO FLASH
  2. Use irregular rimmed plates, dishes and napkins that are worn and have texture
  3. Use wood planks for backgrounds
  4. Cropping is important to make the composition interesting
  5. Look on Pinterest for inspiration

And so much more!! If you’re interested in learning more about prop styling, you HAVE to spend time with Robin Zachary and learn further!

Here are our photos for you to enjoy!

What do you think????

If you are looking for help with your photos contact Robin Zachary The Prop Styling Experience! As she gives prop styling classes. Believe me it will be worth every penny!!!