Believe it or not, setting a table is the first thing I do when I’m getting ready for a dinner party. It sets the mood and gets me ready to entertain. Does setting a tablescape confuse or intimidate you? Don’t worry, the word “tablescape” may sound daunting, but it’s nothing to fret over. There are simple components that make up the basis of every table; basics I’m sure you have in your home.

The fun and creative part is filling in the rest of the table with unique decor that compliments the theme of the dinner party. I never go out and spend a ton of money on these items, and you shouldn’t either. Look around your home! A set of colorful vases? A festive bowl or travel souvenirs? Those can all become a part of your table setting. Take a look at how I conceived the tablescape for my Asian-inspired dinner party. Whether your theme is Asian or not, the guiding principles remain. Have fun and when in doubt, YouTube napkin folds!

By the way, if you live in New York City  and are interested in inexpensive entertaining decor, I love Jamali in the Flower District. If you don’t live nearby, they also have an online store! I guarantee they’ll have anything you need— votives, candlesticks, napkins, anything!