The Main Event

Are you ready to be blown away? This is part two of my blog on the extraordinary wedding of Kaily and Adam Westbrook— if you missed out on part 1, here it is!

After experiencing the spectacle that was the wedding pre-party, I didn’t think it was possible to exceed my expectations any futher….but I was wrong. Both the ceremony and reception were truly like a fantasy made of pale purple and white cascading flowers. Unreal.

Let me take you through the evening with me:


The beautiful Randi Rahm! She designed all the dresses for the bride and bridal party.




True Wedding White

The night began outdoors in a pristine white venue dripping with white roses and orchids. We enjoyed cocktails surrounded by ten pianists playing white baby grand  pianos in white tuxedos. I thought that this is what heaven would sound like. SWOON!


Here is a look at one of the breathtaking white rose and orchid arrangements. Oh that thing in the sky? That’s just a photo drone taking aerial shots of the wedding!




Hors d’oeuvre stations were everywhere! Dim sum, cheeses, sushi, you name it. Divine! 


Here’s another outstanding arrangement. Can you see how flowers are lining just about every possible surface? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many white roses in my life! Stunning.


This is the flower-lined gazebo where the ceremony would take place. I can’t begin to imagine how much work went into it’s creation. Truly a piece of artwork. Do you see the floral pattern at the base of the gazebo? This symbolic pattern was replicated throughout the wedding and added a rich texture to the decor.

1pxZnvQjOrjVR_IQhQ6mNKCPHB65p6DyOqz-duNPnpYMagic in the Air

Here’s a shot of the entire set-up. I adored the circular arrangement, it really felt like the couple was surrounded with the love of family and friends. As the bride and groom proceeded through the archway, music composed by the Groom (Adam) played. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.


The stunning couple beginning their ceremony. They were absolutely glowing!


Once the ceremony had ended, we proceeded inside where the bride and groom were serenaded by violins. Look at how themes are carried throughout the space– the arches and even the dance floor are designed with their signature floral print.


Pale purple custom cocktail napkins, martinis, and so much more.


Pale purple sugar rims on the champagne glasses!


Pinot noir is purple too!

49mHXdsKa0oI9mOso8eXguVPQVWkDDnGsEP8m2qxPuoCan you believe it! That table setting! Those chandeliers!


Each and every piece of china here was custom designed and ordered. Breathtaking. Just look at the butter dish complete with rose-shaped butter. Each guest had the menu embossed on a silken tablet in front of them.


Culinary Delights

First course: lobster! The underliner here is not only shaped into a rose, but it’s also perfectly matched to the wedding colors. I couldn’t get over it! I wasn’t able to get photos of the rest of the courses, probably because they were too delicious.

This is the unbelievable menu we were served:




Dancing the Night Away

After dinner we danced the night away until 4am. There was a fabulous band playing and— oh yes—John Mayer!

This entire weekend truly felt like something out of a movie. I can’t thank the mother and father of the bride, Iris and Michael, enough for their love and hospitality. I know I will be talking about this celebration for years to come!

And look—I’ve kept all these lovely souvenirs so I can remember everything about this magical occasion. Cheers to the newlyweds, I wish you so much happiness!