Wherever I travel outside the US, I always look forward to spending time at the farmers markets. Markets make me smile.  They inspire me to cook and to learn about the ingredients and specialties of a specific country. It’s all about Flirting with Flavors!

The food markets tell me what a culture is like, what people’s tastes are, what the people are like and what makes them tick? They fill me with wonder at the marvelous smells and vibrant colors. There’s energy in the market that you don’t find in other places. I’m just a sucker for farmers markets and lucky for me; so is my husband – and Israel was no exception!

We went to 2 markets in Israel, one in Jerusalem right inside the Jaffa gates, the Mahane Yehuda Market that is partially covered and has more than 250 vendors. Vendors sold fresh fruits and vegetables; baked goods; fish, meat and cheeses; nuts, seeds, and spices; wines and liquors; and more. There is a grafitti artist, Solomon Souza who spray paints the shutters of the stalls in this market.  It’s a kaleid0scope of color.  So remarkable!!!  I heard that on Thursday evenings, the market turns into a huge party!  I was not there to witness this; but I imagine it must be wild and fun. Watch the short video below as my very own zaatar was blended for me.

Fresh Spices in the Mahane Jehuda Market

Halvah looks like cakes!

I had never seen Halvah like this before.  There were so many flavors to try.  This is truly an ancient dessert and loved by all in Israel.

The other market we visited was in Tel Aviv, and is called the Sarona Market. The Sarona houses dozens of specialty food shops from around the world and you can find any kind of food from burgers to Asian noodles. We ate and drank and thoroughly indulged our senses!

My husband was dying for a burger after all the hummus we ate; and he was rewarded with a huge and juicy burger at Pimp my Burger in the Sarona Market.

Enjoy the rest of the photos!  I hope you’ll share your market experiences with me too!