countess luann

Summer is in full swing, and that means summer parties! Cookouts, cocktail hours, pool parties, and outdoor dinner invitations seem to be cropping up by the dozen. If you are planning one of these summer bashes, you’ve probably had a schedule in mind for weeks in order to get everything done. But, we seem to forget that being a guest requires a little work too. Being the perfect hostess is stressful, but so is being a gracious guest! The biggest faux pas you can make is to show up empty handed to a party. How rude! But, no fear, Countess Luann from the RHONY is here to give us some ideas for the perfect gift, as well as the perfect delivery of the gift. Once word gets out that you’re a fabulous guest, the invites will start pouring in!

Remember, be sure to keep your hostess’ needs and lifestyle in mind when choosing these gifts. Those flowers may be gorgeous, but your friend might have a sweet little pet who is keen on chewing! Or, if your hostess is watching her figure, those delicious chocolates may be better for a different party. For example, I am allergic to perfume, so scented candles are a no-no for me. However, I LOVE flowers and chocolates. Even better, if you’re close with the hostess, call them before the party and ask if you can bring anything to help out. They’ll appreciate your effort and the time you’ve saved them!  Watch the full video to hear what the Countess suggests!

Do you have a go-to hostess gift that is a success every time? Tell me about it in the comments below.