No matter how much I learn about cooking, there’s always more to learn. I love studying cuisines from other countries to add to my repertoire.  Last week I took a really eye-opening class in the Bouley Test Kitchen. “An Introduction to Paella” taught by David Bouley himself, along with Chef Roger Martinez who is a paella master!  In fact, Chef Bouley told us that Roger made the paella as part of his wedding celebration!! Of course, Chef Bouley would choose a master.. It was a privilege and an honor to learn from these two acclaimed chefs.

We were taught paella technique and we had 3 incredible dishes… one seafood… one vegetarian.. and one meat… all delicious but the seafood was exceptional… using fresh Gulf shrimp, mussels, and clams!!

I will definitely be trying these at home in the near future…. who’s coming to dinner??