Flirting with Flavors had the honor of hosting a very special event this past weekend. My home was filled with love on Friday as we welcomed seven incredible men and one brave woman into the kitchen to cook a delicious 80th birthday dinner. These seven guys were the sons, grandsons, and granddaughter of the beloved birthday girl —how sweet!

On the menu for the night was Celery Root Soup with Pear and Pancetta, Rack of Lamb Provencal, Potato and Fennel Gratin, Brussels Sprouts with Maple-Walnut Butter, and Roasted Asparagus with Citrus—oh my! With a lot to do, I got the cooking class rolling early.


After welcoming the men with crostini and refreshments, we began talking about the Flirting with Flavors cooking philosophy. Cooking is the ultimate way to show your loved ones you care, and that is what brought each of these phenomenal folks into the kitchen that day. After so many years of motherhood, now it was the kids’ turn to take care of the birthday girl!


I was wowed by the skills everyone showed off in the kitchen. Once I showed them how the recipes were done, everything was ready to go into the ovens in no time. After the cooking class, it was time for the ladies to arrive. What a birthday surprise! While the rest of the girls knew that dinner was being prepared by their children, brothers, and husbands, the birthday girl had no idea! The look on her face was priceless; she was truly touched.


As the final touches were made on the dinner by our chefs, the entire family enjoyed laughter, hors d’oeuvres, and our famous pom passion cocktail. Finally, everyone sat around a beautiful fall tablescape to savor the delicious (and lovingly prepared) dishes.




Gifts, cake, and wine capped off a wonderful night of family bonding. At the very end of the night, the daughter-in-law of the birthday girl, Jamie, remarked:

“How incredible it is to be able to cook and enjoy a family meal together in this beautiful setting. It’s such a unique experience—something you certainly can’t get in a restaurant in New York. It was absolutely fantastic.”

Not a bad view!

Not a bad view!

Thank you to the entire  family! It was a joy to cook and celebrate this occasion with you. Happy birthday, Irma!

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