Earlier in May, I was the chairperson for the first Ladies Who Lunch For a Cure Fundraiser. We raised money for the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation— an organization I respect so much. The Foundation raises money for cutting-edge cancer research in epigenetics— the reprogramming of cells. It’s truly unbelievable what they are accomplishing; I encourage you all to take a look at their work!

Dining area for Ladies Who Lunch for a Cure

This year,  my good friend  Nicole Miller was kind enough to to put on a fashion show for the cause. The lovely Dena Weiner hosted the event in her beautiful Versaille-inspired home in New York.  Coincidentally, Nicole Miller’s collection this season was also inspired by Versaille, so it was the perfect combination!

Nicole Miller describes her creation

Buffet lunch

Restaurant Associates donated the beautiful and tasty lunch. It was a fantastic lunch for an even better cause.

This luncheon was a prelude to an even bigger benefit for the Sam Waxman foundation this Summer, called The Hamptons Happening. This year, David Burke will be the head chef, in addition to many other talented chefs contributing to the menu. Both Paul Ridley and Betsy Johnson will also be honored at the event. I am so excited!


Tickets are still on sale, and I encourage you to attend! Not only will you enjoy an incredible evening in the Hamptons full of fabulous food and music,  but you’ll also be raising money for some of the most important scientific research of our time.

Thank you to everyone who helped me put together the Ladies Who Lunch For a Cure Fundraiser, and especially to Nicole Miller!