As our summer journey continued onwards, we were taken into an even more rural part of France– Tourettes, a town in the heart of Provence. With miles and miles of countryside between Terre Blanche Resort and any sort of city, I knew this would be quite the departure from New York. However, after the glowing (and certainly unbiased!) recommendation from my friend Janet Mick, who runs IT Public Relations and manages the hotel’s U.S. PR., I had to check it out.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t have planned our trip to this bucolic resort at a worse time. The day before Bastille Day! Do you remember the traffic exodus from Manhattan every 4th of July? It’s just like that. So, vacation-smitten Michael and I began a 7.5 hour car ride into the countryside.

Although I planned to arrive in time for a 1pm appointment to meet the restaurant’s chef, we showed up grumpy, sore, and hungry 5 hours later. But, lo and behold, Terre Blanche is staffed by angels. We were immediately whisked away to the gorgeous spa for massages, and promptly brought down for a lovely dinner al fresco overlooking the Provencal countryside.

Even though I had missed our first appointment, I was still able to meet Chef Franck Ferigutti inside his kitchen. Just as friendly as he is talented, he prepared for us a dinner worth remembering.

I’m typically good at resisting the obligatory bread course served by restaurants. I’d even been going steady with a gluten-free streak for a respectable amount of time. Well, this brioche put an end to all that. Rich, dense, and topped with candied lemon zest, this was no ordinary bread. With so much butter baked inside it, it was a sin to slather on the amount that I did. But oh, was it good.

The meal could have ended there and I’d have been satisfied. But of course, it only grew more decadent. Next they served tomatoes two ways—hot and cold. The first was a tomato consommé with parmesan and the second a tomato and burrata salad. Oh that needle? That’s just the burrata being injected with 30-year aged balsamic.

Our main courses consisted of sea bass and lamb with zucchini and grilled vegetables. Both dishes were equally as delicious as our first course, however each would soon be outshone.

Enter the star of the show: the CHEESE. There is absolutely, without a doubt, no human being who could resist this cheese. Have you EVER seen blocks of cheese that large?! Size aside, the same unique flavor French milk lends to its butter is compounded in French cheese. I never stood a chance resisting.

Though I’m scared to admit it, we still ordered dessert. Shame on us! Luckily, we enjoyed a light sorbet and frozen pineapple-coconut concoction. Anything else and we’d have collapsed right then and there. Weeks later, as my consequential 30-day detox looms, I stand by my choice. The cheese plate was worth it!

Thank you Terre Blanche, Janet Mick, and especially to French cows. Yum!

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