I know.. I know.. summer just ended and I am already talking about Thanksgiving. It seems so far away, but it’s really not! When you are cooking for a large group of people, (and large is relative, for me it may be 50, for you it may be 5), there is nothing more important than being organized and starting early! For many of you, Thanksgiving is the biggest dinner party that you will throw all year and sometimes it can sneak up on you. We all seem to be so busy in the Fall and before you know it, you are calling your favorite butcher to find out if it’s too late to order a turkey and running from one store to another searching for fresh cranberries.

I don’t want Thanksgiving to be stressful for you this year. I can help make it easy, and make it possible for you to actually enjoy your guests.

Join me on November 1st for a Flirting with Thanksgiving Flavors Hands-On Cooking Class. I will get you confident and comfortable in the kitchen in time for the big event. I will teach you how to make a full Thanksgiving menu, what to buy, and even where to shop. Plus, you will have access to me up until Thanksgiving by phone or email… your very own Holiday Hotline! Sign up HERE! Can’t wait to cook with you!

Making time to smell the sage… in last year’s Thanksgiving Class