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Out of all the adventures I’ve been on this summer, my absolute favorite has to be visiting my son, Zach and his fiance Sally in Denver, Colorado. If you remember my Mother’s Day post, back in May I said farewell to my only child as he embarked on a huge move cross country from NYC to Colorado. And, let me tell you, it paid off! It was so wonderful to see Zach and Sally happy and settled into their new townhouse.  Of course, their new digs are much more spacious in Denver compared to New York and there’s so much more fresh air! They live in the LoHI area of Denver, which was rated number 17 most hipster area in the US! It’s known for its up-and-coming residential areas and having the third most coffee shops per capita in the country! 

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Such a hip city! Of course, it was more than just coffee that seemed to be on every corner and turn. It seemed like almost EVERYONE had a tattoo of some sort! On top of that, beards, denim, craft beer, yoga studios, Harley’s and of course pot paraphernalia shops were super prevalent everywhere.

Cleverly titled pot shop!

Cleverly titled pot shop!

Of course, being in a new city, I just had to check out some of the best restaurants Denver had to offer. The first night Zach and Sally took me to The Populist, a environmentally conscious and communal table-friendly restaurant run by Chef Jonathan Power. My favorite dish was the Bacon & Egg, with deconstructed toast. So simple, but so amazing that we ordered another one!


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My favorite restaurant  was Mercantile in Union Station, where I had the most sexy, creative, and flirty cocktails I’ve ever had in my life! Here’s a gorgeous cocktail named Slow Hand….
Brown butter washed four roses bourbon, roasted corn, pecan, yellow chartreuse, ancho reyes – check out that garnish!


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We were seated at the chef’s table and were treated to views of the busy kitchen as well as many surprise dishes from the chefs.


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For dinner, we had an heirloom tomato salad, marrow bone brulee, pan roasted sea bass, and the most wonderful part was that Sally finally had a risotto she liked. It was mushroom risotto with truffle brined egg yolk & parmesan truffle sabayon.  We couldn’t stop ummming and ahhing. Until Mercantile, she had been disappointed by every risotto dish she had consumed in restaurants!

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The famous risotto dish!

One of my last stops included Avanti, a food hall of sorts with about 8 different vendors of craft food and cocktails!


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This place was HUGE and there was so much to choose from!

I am so so happy for Zach and Sally; Denver is a place with gorgeous views and people, and is so laid back, which suits them perfectly. The fresh air has done wonders for them, and I am very much looking forward to my next visit.

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